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Valid bulk skip tracing service for real estate investors. High quality Skip Tracing at a lower cost to you. NEED TO SKIP HAS SUCCESS ALL ACROSS THE U.S!

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How Accurate is your data?

Need To Skip delivers true 200 point data. Our system consistently compares data with the top 3 competitors.

How Long?

Typically all orders are completed within 48 hours. Order submitted on the weekends and holidays fully process the following business day.

What Info will I receive?

The results will include up to 10 numbers per lead and it will indicate whether that phone number is mobile or residential and what date it was last publicly used. We also include relatives of the homeowner, relatives’ addresses, and possible phone numbers.



If you have skip traced a homeowner and still are unable to reach them, we highly recommend that you pull a relationship report. Here at NEED TO SKIP, relationship reports (the phone numbers of the relatives & likely associates of the homeowner) are WAY underutilized, but they can be so important that they can literally make the difference between getting a deal and not getting a deal.

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When you’re dealing with real estate of someone who is incarcerated, the action of purchasing their property can seem daunting. With that said, it truly doesn’t have to be. Many people have done it before and it’s actually quite simple. Let’s start off by getting one thing straight.     The Ability of a Prisoner To Sell Property According to the book of Prisoner Rights, Prisoners are allowed to legally buy and sell all forms

What You Need To Know About Refinancing An Investment Property

Refinancing can be a great way to obtain lower interest rates on your mortgage — even for investment properties. In most cases, people consider refinancing in order to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. If your financial situation has changed and you believe you could qualify for better loan terms, refinancing can be a great option. For real estate investors, in particular, this can help increase profits as they charge the same amount for the property

Should You Invest In Out-Of-Town Real Estate?

There are many reasons that you may choose to invest in real estate that is outside of your own backyard. In many states, such as New Jersey or Connecticut, property taxes are incredibly high. You also have to consider that properties in other states similar to those in your state might be far less expensive. The point of investing in real estate is to have a strong ROI, and investing in properties that are too